Friday, 14 August 2009

Bingo Lovers Diet

Loose those extra pounds simply by changing some of your eating habits while playing online bingo.

Too much time in front of the computer helped me get some extra pounds and those lovely love handles :). Exercise you say? I simply don’t have the time to exercise enough (any free time I have I spend it on bingo) so I visited a neutrologist friend of mine who pointed out to me, that in order to lose those extra pounds I had to change my eating habits slowly and over time and not to go into any strict diets.

And I did just that. I’ve increased my daily intake of:
1. Oatmeal products
2. Yams (sweet potatoes)
3. Brown rise
4. 100% whole wheat and whole grain products
5. Green vegetables, high in fibre such us broccoli, green beans, asparagus, lettuce etc.
6. Fresh Fruits
7. Chicken breasts
8. Fish
9. Lean red meat like a trimmed top round steak
10. Egg whites
11. Skimmed milk and fat free dairy products

And I avoided whenever possible
1. Fried foods
2. Hot dogs and fast food burgers
3. Bacon & sausage
4. White bread
5. Potato chips
6. Cookies, cakes and pies
7. White sugar, chocolates and sweets
8. Donuts and pastries
9. Ice cream
10. Soda and fruit drinks and other sugar sweetened drinks

The result after a year, I feel healthier, I look healthier (the mirror says so :) ) and I didn’t starve myself to death to achieve it.

I eat well and I play bingo better

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

One word says it all - Bingo!

"It's Exciting:It's Fun:It's The Best
Entertainment Online:It's BINGO!

…….after all,where else can you get so much pleasure,
while enjoying the friendship of so many,
while seated in the warmth,comfort and safety of home?

The Game is popular because there's always a winner!

Bingo players appear to be a happy group. They play the game everywhere... in casinos, clubs, church basements and at private parties,and these days,courtesy of the Internet,offline and online.

And although considered by almost everyone who plays Bingo to be one of the finest forms of pure entertainment; is one of the most common forms of gambling around the world.

The immense popularity of bingo can be shown by the fact that many church and other social groups offer bingo several times a week-usually as a fundraiser-often seating up to a hundred or more-providing a unique,friendly fun-filled environment for all those who participate.

BINGO anyone?

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

How things started

This is my first attempt to write something meaningful so bear with me as I expect to get better.

I have been hooked on bingo for long time. I thought it is about time I have created a blog to share my experiences with other online bingo lovers.

I recently found a great website called In this website apart from the nice design you will also find fantastic reviews, the latest promotions, funny stuff, free flash games, tips on how to play bingo e.t.c.

Every time I visit this site I keep finding new stuff which means is regularly updated with valuable and unique information. I urge you to visit to feel the love for the game.

Your Bingo Lover